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Hissing Noise

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I just noticed a hissing noise recently and when I put my hand around the exhaust (when the bike is cold and I'm just kicking it over slowly, i would never do this when the bike is hot as you can burn your hand very badly) I could feel a little air. I also noticed that the kickstarter feels a little easier to kick over. It could be that I'm getting used to the bike, but it could also be something else. I just want to hear some opinions. Perhaps this is the autodecomp? I've also heard it could be a stuck ring, however I don't know why a stuck ring would cause for air to leak around the exhaust. Will the ring loosen up if I run it for a bit? The bike runs fine and it's totally possible that I just didn't notice this earlier and the hissing is normal. Thanks for the input.

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