Should I get a yz250 or a 426f? Need input.

Giving my son my 00yz250 and I dont know if I want another 2 stroke or a 426 (going with the 426 for the green sticker). I havent ridden one so I have no idea what its like. We ride both track (just for fun, and trails). Can anyone tell me what its like to ride compared to my bike. Was thinking of going the DRZ400 route but I dont think thats what I am looking for. My main concerns are starting and 4 stroke maintenance although neither seems to be a big problem from what I read. I am about 5"10 and 200 lbs. Thanks for your help.

:cry: Have you considered this?











I had the same bike '00 YZ250 and when I first time tested 426F I said I would not ride the smoker any longer. Next day I bought the 426F and have been happy til I tried the new aluframed 250 smoker again. Then again, the handling of the new 250-thumpers is amazing, but I love soft sand and the 450 power. So as long as I do not know what I want, I stick to the 450.

You will love the 426, but it will tire you out sooner than what your smoker does. But you will have a big smile the first time you ride it, which you should do before you decide anything. I remember the biggest difference was how the power came instantly from idle, and how easy it was to give a blip in jumps and how effortless riding became with less shifting, and man there was endless power! :cry:

I am 25yrs old, I bought my 2001 YZ426 after being on a 1988 Honda XR 250 for 3yrs.. Now, talk about a big power difference, and a lot more fun... You should get the 426, you won't be dissapointed. I have had mine since it was assembled and it's still my trusty steed of choice today...

RC81, where are you at? I am thinking about getting rid of my 02 426 for reasons that have nothing to do with the bike itself.

You're asking me? Get the 426.

TOO FUNNY :cry: Kids nowadays will put rims on anything !!!

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