tootech subtank

got the thing on yesterday evening and thought well theres a difference but a $200 difference? well spent all afternoon dialing it in and finally hit it man its smooth as silk it was really finicky to setr up but once there they say you don't have to change it much. so i give it a :cry: :cry:

What is it?

A "tootech subtank" isn't something that requires a left handed sky hook to install, is it?

A "tootech subtank" isn't something that requires a left handed sky hook to install, is it?

No way man!!! the tootech subtank is wayyyy too close to the muffler bearing to use a left handed skyhook. You probbly should go with a right handed skyhook and a put lots of grease on it. welp yall, im off to rotate the air in my tires.

in my neck of the woods theres a sayin "youins is killin me" i hope your just jokin but just in case,here goes! the subtank is a(adjustable with valving) reservoir of air that allows you to compensate for high oil harshness(allowing you to run a higher than reccomended fork oil level)adding plushness but retaining the bottoming resistance. if you ride hard in tough terrain it works quite well. it also connects the two forks keeping an equal pressure(again a good thing!)enzo also makes some but are higher $$$ and have some issues. so it wouldn't do much for ya unless you like to go WFO!!! :cry: and i am correctly sprung!! :cry:

Hey NCMountainman,

Let us know how well it works! I am interested in any improvement to the front end. I am so impressed with the Ohlins rear shock that I am tempted to buy a set of Ohlin front forks. :cry:

well dan it makes the front work as good as your ohlins shock felt when i rode yours. at $200 thats way cheaper than ohlins forks. it seems to make it way more stable, and how plush is up to you,i'm running 5w oil at 4" from top .52 springs comp out 16 and rebound out 6,with the tank at 3 turns out.before the tank that oil level was very harsh now it reacts way better at speed! i believe it eliminated some low speed binding(like when you pump your forks standin still)by balancing the air between the seperate units. :thumbsup:rick from tootech says its gaurunteed to please :cry: i'd reccomend it

Thanks for enlightening me. Never heard of a "subtank" before.

I like the idea of equalizing the forks. :cry:

Do you have a picture of the mod? :cry:

i have yet to figure out how move a picture from kodak easyshare to here,but you can view it at :cry: :cry:

dont you have to exchange your fork caps for ones with a bigger threaded opening (for the air hose)?

that would be a pain in the :cry:

no you drill and tap the existing air bleeder holes to 1/8"NPT and its easy to install,no brackets it just supports itself. :cry:... have you talked to al about the ten tc balls and heavier spring? i think that may give you what your looking for although he doesn't seem to reccomend it for some reason. well for that matter he told me not to go with the 5 tc balls,but i'm glad i did. :cry:

I've noticed alot of harshness in the front forks at 25+ mph on embedded rock and have my oil at 4.5" and 2 clicks softer on the rebound and 1 click harder on compression. Went 1 click stiffer on comp because I bottoming out on small ledge jumping. This tank would alleviate this harshness?

with you'll be able to run the oil higher 4 or even 3 1/2 to alleviate the bottoming and it will enable you to set the compression back even plusher than it was. i'm running mine at 16 out now and it will not bottom(at least not like it did before)there is a 8" square edged rut on my trails that is hard to wheelie over(no traction) and it bottomed hard if i hit too hard now it absorbs nicely,my biggest problem is now i need to revalve the stock shock to match up to the newfound smoothness of the front! :cry:

i might need this little tank. nc, if you could.... i havent touched my fork seals/oil since i bought the bike used. i have to run the comp clicker all the way in, so im thinking i need to do something about it.

would you say i need stiffer springs? or would the subtank setup, with the higher oil height, allow me to run the softer springs that i have now? as it is, it bottoms hard when i overshoot a landing... loud tink... like there no damping at all. :cry: handling everywhere else is good, but i could use some plushness.

i havent even changed the oil height, so you know much more about this than i do.

thanks man.

I'll give it a try.

sounds like you could use new springs,as time goes by they lose strenghth. the feller rick from tootech can hook you up with the right rate for $80 a set.(he is only available after 7 pm Pacific @ 310-371-3887) i'm gonna try a little experiment with mobil 1 syn trannie fluid,i've heard several people are using it and love it no stiction and being syn it keeps it consistant at 7 1/2 W,will let you know how that works out. i also do business with pro-action out of texas (512-292-8539)tell david that bob from NC sent ya and he'll hook you up,last time i talked to him he said they had a new sub-tank also. :cry:

That "Rick" guy is Ricky Johnson the famous MX guy from 20 years ago. :cry:

Wrong, he's not that Rick Jonson.

My Bad! :cry: He is the Southern Cal MX racer Rick Johnson. :cry:

I changed oil level to 3.5" and went out to 14 on the comp and it seems better but rode a lot of tight trails and wasn't able to get it up in 4th or 5th to see how it responds to high speed.

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