tootech subtank

well imagine it way plusher with the same bottoming resistance that you have at 3 1/2,my shock should be back fri. and can't wait to try with the new fluid(mobil 1 syn trannie fluid) its 7 1/2 weight so i might be able to lower the oil for even more plushness i'll see how it works at 4" with the tank.


shock came today,and give it up for dave at pro-action TX,and rick at too-tech CA. i think i've stumbled on sumthin' good! :cry: :cry: the mobil syn trannie fluid is amazing!! its like floating on a magic carpet now :cry:

Great Bob! Now I got to spend more money and squeeze more stuff into my signature! :cry: I cant wait to try it when we are at Durhamtown! :cry:

after riding today it is way better but with a couple more adjustments(maybe a 1/4 inch more fluid and raise the clamps a little,too much weight on the front) it should be perfect,these are just balance issues,and i'm very pleased with the subtank :cry: :cry:

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