01, yz426 float problem?

Ok, was riding the bike and it just died, i have traced it to not getting fuel into the float bowl, i removed the float and to my surprise the needle vavle did not fall out. now i have been looking at it and there is a little nipple that moves in and out.... is that all that is supposed to move or is it the needle vavle like on an old style carb with? i tried to pull on it and it will not budge so i am just wondering if i have dirt stuck on top of it or the valve is frozen?

Yuk. The needle valve should come right out, sounds like you've got a problem.

the needle valve and seat are exactly like old style carbs. the needle is about a 1/2" long and has a soft triangular tip on it that closes the fuel flow off.

If you take the pin out for the float, the float and the needle should come out as a unit. The needle is hung to the float with a small diameter wire.

I have seen the tit on needles wear so that they can wedge themselves in the seat. But a BIG screw driver will remove the seat and the needle so you can easily replace them.

replace the float at the same time.

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