XR650 vs XR400


I am currently trying to decide on whether I am going to sell my uncorked 01 XR4 and buy a XR650, or keep my XR4. I need your guys' help on this one (I cant make up my own mind)

Pretty much the only riding I will do is wide open gravel roads, high speed trails, drag racing other bikes, most of which are 2-stroke 250's, a little hillclimbing and some low rpm fartin around type of riding.

I love my XR4, I can ride it with ease, not a problem there but I think the 650 would be better suited for the kind of riding I do. I am usually behind in drag races, and dont pass till I hit 5th (by the time the race is over :) ) I would be able to do the roads and trails faster on the 650. I think its the all round better bike suited for my riding, what do you guys think. Keep the XR4, or lose it for the big red pig? Thank you!!

If your a horsepower junkie (as am I), get the 650...you won't be disappointed. On the other hand, unless the 400's are really popular up there, or you got a really good deal on yours, you're probably going to lose a chunk of change when you go to sell/trade yours. Only you can decide how much money the extra 30 horsepower is worth...8^)

I do the same type of riding. I'm not into jumping MX type stuff anymore so I like the high speed stuff way better. I love the 650R's ability to spin the tire at 70mph in the dirt. really stable unless you land hard on a jump in whoops. forget about losing money and buy the 650R. if you start racing for money you can earn it back :)

Hah thanks guys! I will do my best to pick one up!! Later!

If most or all of your riding is wide open stuff, get the 650. The 400 is better in the woods, the 650 is much better for everything else.

And its more like 15-18 more horses over the 400. :)

Oops.....nevermind that sig line.

The 400 is a boy's bike. The 650 is a man's bike. You figure it out. :):D

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