help no spark

i lost spark on my 1995 xr 650 L .i changed my spark plug still no go. checked coil even changed coil with a known good coil still no spark .i dont want to just start changing out parts to find the problem and i dont know how or what to look for on the other parts i.e. stator.

can anyone help please

I have found that troubleshooting an electrical problem is best left to someone that knows how to read an ohms meter...There are specs in the repair manuals that will give detailed instructions...If you can read an ohm meter and you have the patients to read the instructions in the manual you can save yourelf losts of time and money...Otherwise :cry:.....

i can read an ohms meter i dont know the readings i am supose to get.i have ordered a manual but that is on backorder.i would like to get it going for one more ride before it snows :cry:

check for a break in your stator. read the ohms on and if it gives resistance then its probably good. Check all your connectons. Coulld be the cdi box,but doubtful. Is youe ele. system modified at all?

don't make this more complicated than it needs to be...A+B=C. this is usually a simply problem like a loose connection. first check for power to the coil. then check the kill switch then check the ignition switch look for power use a test light or volt meter not "ohms" meter.

tell me what you find

well i got copies of the trouble shooting pages of the manual from a friends friends problem is the ignition control module(icm or cdi).i did check stator and switches to make shore. this is the only thing that tested bad.thanks for your help :cry:

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