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i need a wheel

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thought it wouldnt hurt to check here. im trying to find someone who might have a spare rear wheel that they would be looking to sell. 04 crf250. ive got a broken hub. dont ask. it seems crazy for it to break but im new to the sport so i dont know.

i just know its been a horrible past two months. first mx injury. got better. and now a broken bike. shxt happens but i wasnt prepared for this. im not going to pay $200+ for a hub and then pay more money for someone to lace it for me. id rather get a used stock wheel or save up a ton of $$ and get black rims. but if i get black rims for my 250f then i have to get black rims for my 50 and id have to get black rims for a 450 if i can get one in the spring and thats just a lot of money im not going to have.

blahblahblah. so. if anyone could let me know what i should do or let me know how much youd take for a rear wheel itd be greatly appreciated. thanks guys.

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