Suspension Shims

Can I buy Shims individually? I looked at racetech's web site and they sell them in packs of 10 for 15.90 and of the ones I need most are just one of each size so I don't need 10 of each one. I didn't seem them listed online at Denniskirk or Rockymountain?

Any ideas?



Hey, last month I was in the same boat. Ended up buying the 10 (?) pack from Race - Tech.

What size do you need? :thinking:If you're doing 650R forks I might have what you need.


That would be great! I am doing a 2000 XR650R Forks and shock. I'll obviously pay you and s/h for any you would want to spare...

Below is what I am thinking I'll need...its the shock shims (12 inside Diameter) and the fork shims below that...(I believe 8ID)

Here are the ones I'm anticipating needing.

# needed -- THickness x diameter x Inside Diameter

1 -- .30mm X 34mm x 12ID

1 -- .25mm X 38mm x 12ID

1 -- .25mm X 34mm x 12ID

1 -- .25mm X 32mm x 12ID

1 -- .25mm X 30mm x 12ID

1 -- .25mm X 26mm x 12ID

1 -- .25mm X 24mm x 12ID

1 -- .25mm X 23mm x 12ID

1 -- .20mm X 38mm x 12ID

1 -- .10mm X 28mm x 12ID

2 -- .15mm X 22mm x 8ID

4 -- .15mm X 21mm x 8ID

Anyone else that can spare any I'll pay you for them...if anyone still knows of a place to buy them not in large quantities thatd also be helpful!



whoa, I think you will only need (2) 1 -- .25mm X 38mm x 12ID and (1) -- .25mm X 34mm x 12ID (2) -- .15mm X 22mm x 8ID or (4) -- .15mm X 21mm x 8ID the rest are all there in the shock already or the forks. :cry:

OK! I have it all figured out now! Either where can I get them individually or anyone want to sell some!

My previous post of what I needed was incorrect after some more decifering here is what I have come up with!

What I need; (updated 10/16 10:25pm ET)

1 -- .30mm X 34mm x 12ID

2 -- .25mm X 38mm x 12ID

2 -- .15mm X 22mm x 8ID

4 -- .15mm X 21mm x 8ID

I believe they are 10 for 15.90 so I'll pay $2.00 each and s/h since you had to pay for so many!

Just let me know!



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