XR650 on the Drag Strip?

I watched my brother race his 2001 ZX9 on the drag strip the other day. I was kicking myself for not bringing my 650L. I seen a couple four wheelers zip down the track, but no dirt bikes. I seen a 660 four wheeler smoke some stags, it was pretty slick! I don't really care what people say, but my 650L will be going down the drag strip in a few weeks. I hope I can keep the front end down!

Has anyone ran their 650 down the drag strip? What kind of results did you get (speed, time, ect.)? Any tips?



Go Toaster! I've never seen a 650L on a drag strip before but good luck!

Don't forget to post some pictures!

I've seen my 650R side by side w/another 650R

on the Sand Drags @ Glamis. 5th gear pinned!!!

I am trying to figure out which day to use as a vacation day. I know I will be going on a wednesday. They have a circut where you get 3 free-bee trial runs and then you race to win. Once you lose one race you are sent home. I've been practicing my take-offs, man is it hard keeping the front tire planted. I would imagine the key to winning is keeping the wind drag down, and the front tire on the ground.


Can you get a good start in second gear? Seems that would help keep the front down at take off. Best of luck,


If your gearing is low enough, you could probably start in 2nd. I could on my XR650R, but it wouldn't launch very quick.

Anyway.....Try to keep your weight as far forward as possible--head over the handlebars, feet as far in front of the footpegs as you can get them. Avoid "dumping" the clutch hard, its better to slip it more than you think you should. Once you're moving, just keep the weight forward and hang on!!! Might try shifting from 1st to 2nd with your heel.

I always wondered what kinda 1/4 mile and 0-60 times my XR would have done.

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14.20's at 91 mph,the air temp and alt. caculated out to about 5800 ft of elevation. 2nd gear felt faster but did not e.t. as well,try to find a section of the track to the side of the main tire tracks to help the tire slip a little off the line,this will get the rpm up in the power range quicker and keep the front tire from lofting in the air,good luck!

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