Taillight Lens with License Plate Illuminator

My buddy has a brake light working on his XR600R with the stock taillight but needs a replacement lens to replace the stock lens which will illuminate the license plate (a DOT requirement in Utah), FourStrokesOnly has one listed from UFO Plastics but they are on back order for 3-4 weeks.

- Anybody know where to get a lens to replace the stock lens and lights up the plate.

- Anybody know how to contact UFO Plastics to see if you can order directly from them. There website says nothing.

- (or does) Anybody know who might have some in stock. (We've tried BajaDesigns, and a few local shops).

- Any cools ideas on a simple workaround for this.

Thanks for any response on this,


Hey man, make your own. I've seen guys cut a slot in the lens at the bottom edge and carefully glue in a piece of clear plastic over the hole.

I think it was in the Summit racing catalog I saw a license plate bolt that has a light built in - you just run a 12V wire to it and you have a license plate light.

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