Planning in the works for Elsinore 2001

Ive been doing some extensive searching tonight on how to get some information on this years Grand Prix in Lake Elsinore because I do plan to be there this year. NO EXCUSES!

I do know that it takes place around mid-november but does anyone know of a good website to check out occasionally for info pertaining to the race? Flyer, rules, etc...

I would really like to get a jumpstart on this thing this year instead of waiting untill the last minute and blowing it off.

How about it RonSoCal?


Darin in Missouri - 1999 WR400F

Enduro Heaven

:) YES! Here is the info we need:

November 10-11, 2001 GRAND PRIX Lake Elsinore

Motorcycle races throughout downtown and off-road; concert and vendors fair.

TEL (909) 341-8002; FAX (909) 341-8070

I'm planing on riding Saturday in the Open class and Sunday in my age class. Also want to do the early run on Saturday. With two races at about $80 (?) each, and the pre-run thing Sat morning at $50, its going to be an expensive weekend, but its worth every penny and then some!

Last year was my first time, and I cant tell ya how much fun it was. There is nothing like legally blasting down a residential street as fast as you dare, while the people that live there cheer you on.

Count me in. How about a ThumperTalk team effort? :D

Wow, that's expensive but I may consider entering in it. I'll have to check it out in detail and talk with you more about it.



"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"

Great! Thanks Ron for the info.

Ok, now I have a date, what about a website? Who puts this thing on?


Darin in Missouri - 1999 WR400F

Enduro Heaven

The race promoter is Goat Breker of GFI Racing Inc. The web site is a big nothing, and is located at

I'm looking for more info and will advise as I find it. :)

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