searching for 650 xr new to this

had a yamaha 600 yrs ago loved it

now want the top of the line 650 dirt and street bike

1st question is it the xrl that is dirt and street?

next where do I find a used one online? Live in PA

seen 1 ad for a 95 for $2,500 good price or no?

any yr 650 better or worse than the others? is that a clear question, are there any particular yrs I should avoid?


Welcome to Thumpertalk, you've definetely came to the right place.

When you say "top of the line dirt/street bike", that really is pretty broad. To make the best decision, you will have to determine, A. How much dough can you spend. B. How much time are you planning on riding in the dirt...and how much time on the street. C. What type of dirt riding will you be doing. D. How much you weigh and how tall you are can also be a factor.

Answer these two questions, and we'll point you in the right direction.

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