05yz450f are the forks THAT much better or is it hype?

I ride a 03yz450f with a RG3 top clamp, and Renthal RC bend bars. The forks are the only part of the machine that I'm not satisfied with. The bike blisters my inside left thumb regularly during any 2 day event like an Old timer National. I have backed the comp clickers out until bottoming becomes a problem, (and raised oil height to compensate) I am considering buying the 05 if they made a decent improvement to the forks. Although this is a very difficult decision with Honda's work of art 450F. Thanks for any feedback

The bike blisters my inside left thumb regularly during any 2 day event

I had a problem like this and found that I had my Kill button hard up against the flange of my left hand grip. Moved it away some and no more problem.... Have a look at your kill switch and see if maybe that could be the cause?? Just a possibility.

my 04 wr has the same forks as your 03 yz(actually valved a little softer) maybe you could find someone with a wr that has revalved and pick them up cheap! i have just added a tootech racing subtank and man its like ridin in butter after you get it dialed in! still offers great bottoming resistance(even moreso because you can raise your oil level w/out harshness)i'm pretty sure the valves would swap out,has any of you yz fellers tried it? :cry:

Yeah they are that much better! They were basically the works forks in the 2002 supercross series. They have a seperate air and oil chamber in the forks, have less stiction and reduce flex.

They are as good stock as my revalved Racetech forks.

If you have blistering issues, it is not the suspension's fault. Change your grips. If you have a soft compound, go to a firm and vice-a-versa. Also go buy some grip donuts, that will solve the thumb blisters. They are like $3 made by ProTaper.

donuts worked for me like a charm. no more yamapaws!

Most testers have said they're in the same leagur with the good Showa forks like on the CRFs

I came off of an 02 426 and the whole bike was like a great dream that hasn't ended yet :cry: Forks are incredible. My buddy came off an 03 and he said that his stock 05's are better then his modified 03's. He's a big guy also and rides pretty fast. But, like everyone said, blisters are not the problem of the forks. Switch grips and really focus relaxing your grip while your riding. I have to make a conscious effort to relax my grip while I am riding or my hands are toast. Also, pay attention to your body position when riding, if your position is off kilter, your arms/hands might be doing alot of unneccesary work. Just a thought....

Some good advice, Thanks to everyone who took time to respond.

I checked that out but the kill button is well away from the grip. From New Zealand, cool. That whole country is one giant moto-cross track. When I visited I wanted nothing worse in my life then to buy a bike and ride. Witnessed some great tracks there.

get some donuts from sealsavers or just wrap em in tape.

Yeah they are that much better! They were basically the works forks in the 2002 supercross series.

they may use a similar design but the works forks are nothing like production forks. My buddy works at Fox Racing Shox and I was flat out amazed at how different works suspension is from our stuff. Every single part is 10 times better in quality than what we get. He has gone to Orchard Suppply Hardware to replace parts he's broken out of his stock forks...quality?? I don't think so.

My point is the size and twin chamber design of the forks.

That is what is similar to the 2002 works forks.

The 2005 YZ450F forks are awesome. I am coming off an 03 YZ450F which had Racetech suspension and springs which I could never get dialed, it was always either too harsh or too soft and no matter what the forks would bottom like crazy and clank. The bottoming problems made me lose my confidence.

I rode the 05 with the stock springs and valving for a few rides and it was way better than my 03, it was a little softer but would not bottom. I took my suspension to Enzo and I got springs, valving and subtanks. My suspension is absolutely unbelievable! It is very plush over the small stuff, yet bottomless... My confidence has skyrocketed with this setup. I cant just tear through whooped out straights, drops and come up short on jumps without any worries.

Besides, the suspension, the 05 has a killer motor, the power is much more predictable and easier to ride.



I just got new springs and some valveing and they are pretty awsome, I am coming off of an 03 450 :cry: :cry:

what valving did you do?

Does anyone have an opinion on the 04 forks vs. the new 05s? All the comparisons I have seen are 03 to 05.

I'm sure the 05s are better but by how much?

I had PR2 Suspension do the tweekig, they do some machineing to the forks and revalving for my weight and ability. They did a awsome job I rode it before and after!

interesting. got a link to em? As smooth as these forks are, anything better would be killer.

The 05's are about 25% better than the 04's. The 04's were great forks for a single chamber design. The 03's were terrible. The key difference was the changes to the cartridge and the removal of the bumper system in 04. The 05's are good too but they valved them sort of weird unless you ride tracks with alot of small square edged bumps and dont have to make to sharp of corners. They are a little stiff on the top of the stroke. Then they soften quite a bit in the middle and then firmer on the bottom. I had Fat Max Racing revalve them to be more progressive and the bottoming is controlled more with oil height instead of valving. That way I can keep the fork feeling plusher at the top of the stroke and then great bottoming resistance. I can also keep the forks down farther in the clamps and not have issues turning tightly or the stability issues on straightaways when you push your forks up in the clamps.

With my setup though on my forks if you ride very whooped out tracks you have to keep the front end up or you'll blow through the stroke on the forks and get kicked around. Also I run a pretty stiffly valved shock so many people that ride my bike think the bike feels unbalanced. And it is but it's what I like. On smooth hard tracks that get those square edged bumps that you dont wheely through the forks soak up everything but the shock takes a beating since its so stiff. Oh well it works for me. Sorry for telling the whole story.

yz250f, Here is the link www.pr2racing.com Chris Durham did a great job, I used many other companys and this is by far the best suspension I have ever had! :cry:

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