Hard seat on the XR650 R


I ordered the soft tall foam and seat cover from Baja Designs (Guts Racing)or you can go direct to www.gutsracing.com however, you have to be pretty good with upholstery or it won't look factory. I just ordered a new one from Moose Racing (www.mooseracing.com- they sell a complete seat (standard or tall) for the same price and should receive it next week. It does make a difference on the tail bone, especially when you are too lazy to stand up all the time.

Ride till it hurts

01 XR650R HRC powerup, Scotts stabilizer, Renthal fatbars, skid plate, shark fin, Kiwi case saver,Devol front disc guard & radiator guards,and Acerbis Rally Pro :)

What kind of experience with the after-market seat foam inserts do you guys in T-talk land have...? After fifty miles of trail riding, or so... My butt is pretty used up. There are a couple of aftermarket oversized cushions I've read or seen in mags, but need a little input from the experts. What sayeth the bretheren.

Hey "wespo" so which bike did you put the seat on and ride iron man? You may be a little tougher than me, I'm not sure. Butt I like the sound of tall and soft. Do you feel the added height in the saddle. Which as you stated, we rarely feel really... Ha ha... Where in your area can you ride. I'm originally from Dallas.

My vote is for the Guts tall soft seat foam. I just completed the Nevada 1000 Ironman with this seat and it worked great. I did not get Monkeybutt or sore in that area at all. Of corse I was standing up in perfect form the entire way (Yeah right).

Sorry, I now have updated my profile. I put the seat on my XR650. It is hard for me to say if the extra seat height was noticable because I really did not ride the bike before I put it on. As far as public riding areas in this area there is not too much. I usually just ride on race weekends when our club (TCCRA)has races. They are usually on private land so it is only open for that weekend.

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Hey ThumpDaddy, Your description of your seat situation and the profile on your BRP leads me to suspect that you just might be a certain riding buddy of mine! How'd you like the Lake Morena goat trails? That mesquite bush's big brother is looking for you! Just call me Sherlock! Late! Rokatt88

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