Honda Xr 650r TURBO??

Hey all. while surfing the net looking for some sites on the 650r i stumbled upon this swedish website. I can't understand any swedish so i have no idea what they have written on the site but its something about an XR650r TURBO. Anyways u can take a look at this site for yourselves and see what u come up with. If anyone here understands swedish plz tell me what the site is about. thanks

heres a pic of the side of the bike :)650vahelsida.jpg

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any ideas on what it would cost to turbo charge a 650r?

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That looks really strange. I wonder what the braided lines to the stator housing and transmission are for?

yeah i have no idea what those pipes are for either. I don't think it would have anything to do with the turbo charger

The bike was owned by Per-Gunnar Lundmark ( ). He used it as a practice bike for Baja2000.

The turbo-xr has about 70-80 HP on the rear wheel.


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