Yoshimira exhaust for 650R

Hey guys,

Is anyone out there running the Yosh exhaust on the 650R. I am looking for feedback on this vs. some of the others. Thanks for your time. :)

My dad has an 02 650r and he put A complete Pro Circut T4 system on it. It sounds and looks great! I was really impressed by the fit and finish on the system. It gave his bike a lot more power all over the RPM range and allowed the bike to rev farther and faster, but didnt take away from the smooth power band. He is really happy with the set up and would definitally recamend it. Also it is prabably a lot cheaper than a complete Yosh. system. Hope this helps! :)

I have a Yoshimura can on my 00 650R. IMHO it helps power everywhere and lets the bike rev quicker. It is not too loud at all unless you use the race core. I tried different header pipes but seemed to have better low end power with the stock one. I had it ceramic coated in and out and it looks great.

stonewall, who did you have ceramic coat your headers? :)

[ July 19, 2002: Message edited by: Moto X 426 ]

Baja Designs did the coating. I removed the heat guard and ground of the mounting holes before I had it done and it now looks better than some aftermarket headers. The best part is no more stained black pipes.

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