05 450 bar mounts

Does the 05 450F have removable bar mounts or do you have to replace the top clamp if you want to use fat bars.

they sell kits that let you keep your triple. It is a stack that adds on to the existing smaller clamps and converts your small clamps to the fat bar size. This is the cheapest fix, $60.

60 bucks??!? I paid 45 for mine, and that included a bar pad! You should be able to find them for around 35 bucks.

This is what he's talking about.


i like them because they give the bars a little more rise and im a tall rider so it makes it feel more comfterble when im riding while standing

sorry guys, I should have said $30-60 (I have seen some kits even higher).


Tag metals makes a package called the privateer kit that comes with their upper clamp and T2 bars,sells for around 200$ .im not sure if they make it for the 05's yet

Ok, so I take it the top clamp and bar mounts are still one piece. I saw on the Yamaha web site that there are a lot of different bar mounts and tripple clamps, but i couldn't tell if the stock clamp/bar mounts were still one piece. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of yamaha shops here in Afghanistan to look for myself.

Do the bar mounts that adapt to the stock mount work ok or should you go with a new top clamp.

How about the gearing with the 4-spped trany. On my 250F I had to go up 1 tooth on the rear sprocket to get through turns better. Is the gearing on the 450 good or do most people change sprockets. I would say I'm only a Novice racer and don't use all the power the moter has to offer so good low end helps me a lot.

Yamaha's upper triple is still one piece. The adapters work fine and are way cheaper than a new upper triple.

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