Countershaft Seal/Clutch Bearing Woes


Found a new 2001 XR650 CHEAP from a dealership here in Alberta. I keep hearing about the seal and the bearing in the clutch failing. Is this on all 2001 models? Is there any serial #'s or anything that dont have (or do) have this problem? Also, how much would it cost a shop to fix these problems? Thanx!

There's plenty of 2000 & 2001 XR650R's with the original clutch bushing and countershaft seals still running just fine. All 2000 models and 'I'm guessing' most of the 2001 models have the older style clutch bushing installed. There's no serial number break down or released info from Honda regarding this based on talking with many others on this subject. My 2001 came with the new style clutch bushing and I've talked with a few others whose 2001's also came with the new style clutch bushing, but there's a ton of older style bushings out there still working just fine. The symptom of the clutch bushing going is that the clutch gets grabby and this usually happens when the clutch is used alot from what I know. When the bushing goes bad and the clutch gets grabby, it can also potentially cause damage to other related parts.

From what I know, only 2002 XR650R's came with the updated countershaft seal. The countershaft seal can easily be replaced in under a half hour and I've read reports where people have even done it on the trail without losing any oil by laying the bike on its side. It's a simple & quick part to replace. With the right tools, a mechanic should easily be able to replace the clutch bushing in under an hour and it's not that hard to do, but certainly no where as easy as the countershaft seal.

I've read a few reports where dealers have updated the bikes for free just to get the sale or provided the parts for free to people who wanted to do the updates themselves. As you see, the parts themselves are inexpensive.

22116-MBN-671 = New Clutch Bushing = $9.40

91205-MBN-672 = New Countershaft Seal = $2.81

(Note that these prices ar from Service Honda)

Remember, you should be getting a 6 month warranty with the XR650R - right? If you do have problems with the clutch getting grabby, then the dealer should be fixing it under warranty.

If this is the bike you really want, then first get a total OTD (Out The Door) price of what you'll have to pay including all the dealer fees, taxes, etc. If that price is acceptable to you, then tell the dealer you'd like to move forward with the purchase at the total OTD price you negotiated under the terms that a new style clutch bushing and countershaft seal be installed at no extra expense. Tell the dealer sales person that the retail price on these parts is less than $20 together and that they should be simple & quick for a trained mechanic to install based on talking with other XR650R owners. Tell them that you know these parts were updated in the 2002 models by Honda to correct potentially serious problems that might otherwise result in costly warranty repairs and that you feel "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".

Good luck!


My XR gave no warning of the impending doom of clutch bush seizure. It just launched itself at several startled pedestrians :D

UK Price for new bush..........£26. Work it out :)

Zanx, I thought I'd been ripped of paying £20

last July from my local Honda dealer.

Qadsan's price of £6 doesn't have make you


cheers, Craig

It took 10 tonnes of pressure to pop the seized bush out today. I'll have to machine out the galling before the new bush goes in. Only took 20 mins to strip the whole lot down. XR's rock!

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