Honda Silver - frame color - where can I get it?

Honda Silver - frame color - where can I get it? Can I get it at my local hardware store? Thanks

I have found a pretty close match in the Duplicolor Truck line, sorry, I dont have the color# around {could be #1587}. I got it at Pep Boys, you may find it at other auto parts stores.

Ask any auto painter, silver is the toughest to match. If you are painting dings and scratches, and are looking for a real good match, I would buy a few cans of slightly different silver colors, mix them in a paper cup, and dab it on with a model paintbrush. Acetone on a rag will remove mistakes. If you are painting the whole frame, close enough will be!

Robert :cry:

If you have a spray gun and know how to use it, go to a auto paint store and usually the guy behind the counter can mix it almost perfect. That's what I used to do.

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