canadian tires pirelli or dunlop

in the past hondas have had pirellis. i think the 05s will have dunlops. anyone know?

I helped put one together yesterday and they have Dunlops.

Dunlop what? 755, 739, what?

756. :cry: MIKE

Well whoopee do. Those are no better than the Pirellis. What the hell is the matter with Honda and Yamaha Canada?

Sorry to burst your little bubble but that would be Honda Japans choice, Honda Canada just picks up and delivers crates. MIKE :cry:

I'm not buying what you're selling.

If you actually think Honda Canada has a say in what parts go on the Canadian models you are one foolish Canadian. ALL the bikes are built and distributed from Japan. MIKE :cry:

You should just be glad that some accountant in Honda's main office didn't make the decision to go with Terraflex.

:cry: :cry: Ya just something about those terrible flexs

I will let you know how those 756's work on sunday Ron :cry:

You guys don't like 756s? What the heck are you riding on?

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