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Gateway to Moab

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Just got back from the trip. The Wife and I rode from Gateway to Moab this weekend. We took a change of clothes and stayed the night in a motel room. It turned out to be 51 miles, one way. A little more than half way, it joins up with the Kokapelli Trail. About 90% of the ride was either paved or dirt road. This route will take you right by the Slick Rock Trailhead. After getting a room we took a ride up Kane Springs Canyon. The water was low so the ride was easy. There were a couple of spots worth mentioning. About 4 miles from the end there is a spot where you have to cross a flat rock water crossing. Beware, under this water has to be the slipperiest substance known to man. My wife was out front, got most the way across, and seemed to be hovering in mid air. That bike was out from under her soo fast, it was amazing. I fell down just trying get to her. I know if anyone was watching they had to be laughing. And not long after that there was this stair case. That was brutal. I've ridden some sections of Timberline in Taylor park, I have a grasp on what is difficult. That kicked my @$$. I got some help from some guys from Salt Lake City and somewhere in Washington State. Perfect timing. I need more practice riding in Utah. We took a round about way of getting back to the truck. Total miles for the trip 176. Best way of spending a couple of days I could come up with at the time. 😢

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