Dry Weight?

Anyone know what the weight of a 95 XR600R would be? Wet or dry.


too much coffee!

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According to all the mags I've seen, the XR600R weighs about 281lbs, with all fluids except gas. According to Honda, it weighs 271 "dry." I think by "dry", they mean absolutely no fluids whatsoever (gas, oil, suspension fluid, etc).

Thanks, I was thinking of buying a stand and it is rated at 300 lbs so that is right at the border with gas in a big tank.

I weighed a bunch of bikes and the the most heavy was my 2000 XR600. Identical to yours except for some colors. My scale only went up to 300 pounds. I weighed them all with a full tank of gas. I lifted up on the 600 just a little bit and it came in at 300 pounds. That stand will work fine. If I were to bet, with a full tank of gas, hand guards, tool pack, skid plate the bike would weigh 310 lbs. This was on an acurate scale.

Could you imagine all that landing on ya! whata mess

Thats why they call it a scramble! LOL!

Could you imagine all that landing on ya! whata mess

I don't need to imagine. :cheers:

Ride for long enough and the bike will use you for a landing pad.

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