I RULE!!!!!!!!

I am so stoked! My wife asked me this morning if we could get her a dirt bike after years of my begging her to get one. (I think she only said no over the years cause I wanted her to get one! :cry:) Anyway, SHE asked me I did not prompt her. So now My wife and I can go riding together which means more riding for me!! With my kids just getting old enough to get a bike next yr I see great things happening.

Life is good!

Oh, we got her a 2005 CRF150... she tried it tonight and figured the clutch out right away! Tomorrow I will try to convince her to let me jump over her. Wish me luck! :cry:

:cry: :cry: Good luck.

take vid. :cry: :cry:

do the power-up kit it is awesome for how cheap it is

What is the power-up kit. How much is it and where can I find it?

THanks for the info!

check out the sticky on the top of the page on how to instal it by 230f (250thumper) but it is a bigger needle, bigger needle jet, bigger main jet, and a bigger pilot jet, then you take out your airbox snorkal and pull out your exhaust baffle (makes it louder :cry:) and it will give allot more low end and throttle response plus it is only about 30-45 bucks and you can get it at your honda dealer :cry:

Cool. Thanks!

EXcellent! Glad she got a bike.

Get her to go out and try starting the darn thing EVERY night to get her used to it, as well as to break it in. That was the only thing i hated about my bike at first. Now it starts like a dream.

have fun!

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