wt10 fork oil too harsh?

seems like after i put in new wt10 fork oil, the suspension feels very harsh/hard,

like when i hit a rut or something, seems like i hit a rock, bone jarring to my hands,

also when i took off the old oil there were slightly more than 400cc maybe 410, i put in 535cc as per the manual,

maybe i should use lesser oil & wt5 oil???


Yes, 10wt is to thick. 5wt. will be better.



is it better to measure oil height or pour in the cc amount,

do u noe the oil height for tis trail riding xr250r?


Well, I didn't know which bike you were talking about. As I'm sitting here I can't remember that fork for sure. Is it a cartridge or damping rod fork?



its a cartridge type,

anyway, my good fren just change it to a castrol fork oil, dont noe wat weight but it seems to work better, can only test it on the trail tis weekend,

he put the oil height at 6" from the top without the spring,

thanks. :cry:

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