02 xr400 clicking sound?

hi guys ive just bought a 2002 xr 400 with 2000 kms on the clock,, when i start it cold it clicks very loudly at idle when its still under its normal warmer idle operating speed , if i accel it a little say to 1500rpm it totally goes away and when it warms up a little it goes away all together,, is this something to do with the automatic decompressor sort of working because of the low idle speed or should i be more worried.

Thanks in advance for any help,, cheers Marty

Probably valve adjustment, big time. Ever had it done? Should check it at least 2 times for that many miles (or km, whatever)

I'd agree with the auto decomp twigging on. It seems like the 400 has it set at a higher RPM threshold than say the older 600R (which is spec'd at 800RPM). If you listen carefully you can hear a change in the exhaust note accompanied with the stupid auto decomp twigging on. Probably only affects people who like a lower idle speed setting to begin with.

Being that it is a used bike and you might not know the service history, a good going over and maintenance items like checking the valves isn't a bad idea anyways. :cry:

Its the Auto Decomp. Mine got worse and worse even killing the engine as it opens the exhausdt valve until i disconnected that system and my bike starts way to easy now. It was also a 2002 model. Mine got to the point where it decompressed all the time and you could not start it. It would just fart. Try winding the idle up for a start. :cry: Soory didnt notice you were in Oz aswell. Mine was at the 3400km mark when i took of the Auto decomp, just did a mates 02 aswell. He cant believe how easy it is to start now.

You need to set your tappets! I bet they will be way out!

Set them to In - .004 thou, Ex - .005 thou.

and then you'll be laughen! :cry:

Thanks sooooo mutch guys,,,how do i disconnect the decompressor mash,, im really thinking thats what the problem is,,, its very hard to start too,,,its night and day with revs,it only takes about 20 rpm extra at idle and it goes away completly were as with a loose tappet im sure id still hear it at higher than just idle speed.

Cheers Marty

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