yosh 450 stroker hi idle

I'm working on my buddies super retard drz 450 stroker and I think I'm just going to dig a hole in the yard and bury it. He says he was riding a wheelie and when he set it down it started making some hilacious noise from the motor ( yes these were his technical terms ) so he limped it home and shut it off. Another guy said he went through the timing - cam chain and everything looked alright. The motor now runs fine but idles at like 5000 rpm's. I pulled the carb apart and cleaned it ( its got an after market kehin on it). The fuel screw was turned all the way in and carb was dirty but to no avail, it still idles hi. Pulling the choke has really no effect when running. I can't see any air leaks or spray [@#$%&*!] around motor to detect it. The slide comes all the way down and throttle cables aren't pinched. The motor runs good other than hi idle. Any ideas ?

the vacuum release plate on the slide is in upside down.

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