"steering" head bearings

how do i take the head apart, regrease the bearings (i just had a race in thee sand so im cleaning everything up) and what kind of grease should i use, if anybody has any tips please let me know, oh yea its for an '03 525 EXC

John, no need to take the head apart(i presume you are talking the engine top end.). The bearings are lubricated by the engine oil. Just clean the air filter. If you are using regular non-synthetic oil, I would go ahead and dump it and check/replace the filters. But, that kind of depends on how many hours/miles since the last oil change and other conditions such as dust, heat and, how hard and far your rode.

Now, you were not specific so I'll add something else here. You may want to pull your steering head and lube that real well. Also check the swing arm et cetera. It is not hard to do. It is a good idea to have a shop manual so that you know the correct torque specifications and so on if you don't already have one. There is a gentleman on www.ktmtalk.com known as "Speedy". He sells these manuals. We also have a member known as JEB. John has a lot of good information on his web site ====> web page

Jeb also frequents www.ktmtalk.com.

Hopefully, this will get you started. Let us know if you need more.



thnx for the info, i have the books, and its the steering head, when i posted it i wasnt thinkning about the engine, oops, but i have the whole bike down to its frame basically, and i did check the swingarm, and i have the top triple clamp off but i dont want to mess anything up to bad, im actually good at working on my bike, i just thought that it help to have some input from people who know more than me, and i dont know if you know who Bob Collins is, im really good frineds with him and i usually go to his garage to work on my bike and he teaches me how to work on my KTM, and that is who i bought my bike from so its in excellent condition, im just trying to keep it that way, so does anybody have any tips on what kind of grease i should use??

so nobody has any tips on what kind of grease to use?? whats up with that? :cry: i have belray waterproof grease, will that work fine??

Good question, what is good grease to use on the steering head? I should probably do mine!

Make sure everything is clean, including the races, then slap on some Bel-Ray Saltwater Proof Grease. Works great for this area!

valve valves valves this regular valve adjustment bit makes me want to puke. Did anybody read the write-up on adjusting the valves? that absolutely sucks. I got no time for that in my life.

i dont mind adjusting my valves if it saves me a but load of money besides i love working on my bike, its the one thing i love i want it in perfect condition

I have used general high temp wheel bearing grease for many years. Works well and is water proof.

Bob you CHECK valves the same amount on a KTM as you would on a DRZ. Its simple mantenance. I check mine every 500 miles for good measure. The DRZ is STILL spot on after 3K plus miles. Some DRZ's need shims after 500 miles. Same thing with KTM's.

yeah I'm starting to get the picture. I'm gonna have to do what I do with clothes. In order to avoid washing my dirty clothes, I buy more new stuff. I have like 600 pairs of socks. I guess I'll have to buy a new bike every so often and keep like three in the garage so they don't wear out as fast...... :cry:

or maybe I can hire a maid for my dirt bikes? there should be a service - Dirty Maids - "you ride em, we wrench em" :cry:

To grease the steering head bearings, just loosen the 5 top 3x clamp bolts and then remove the large nut in the middle. You may have to remove the bars to get at it. The lower clamp and stem should come out easily at that point (they may even fall out once you get the top nut off so be careful) but, if not, tap on the top of the stem with a rubber mallet.

The lower bearings is pressed on so it'll have to be cleaned (if needed) and greased in place. I always use BelRay WP grease.

thanx for the info, thats what i used, and i also figured out that the bearing was pressed on once, i couldnt get it off no matter what i tried, so i figured it was pressed on then i cleaned and greased it right there :cry: :cry:

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