Flipping the Fuel On/Off around?

All of you probably know that the 250F's come with the fuel switch turned backwards... would it be ok for me to just flip it around? Or do they do that for a reason... Thanks

If you want to turn it around, go ahead. The reason they do that is so you don't accidentally shut off the fuel with your leg.

That's creepy, I was going to ask that same thing AFTER I flipped it around. The only problem you'll have, is the hoses will be about 1/8" too short. You have to take about 1/16th from the carb and move it to the valve. And same thign with the head. It's strange that the valve say "On and Off" on it...when you can't see it. Hmm.. :cry: Well I did mine, looks good, and fits well! good luck.

Did mine last year and no fuel supply problems. But certainly makes it easier to get to. The only thing is the inlet to the valve is now lower than the outlet. It looks like it may cause a starvation issue but it doesn`t.

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