smoking on start up...

WEll yeah my bike is still running a little funny :cry:

Any who, i went to start it today, it has been sitting for about 1 week since im still sick, but i just needed to start it.

WEnt out there and the only way it starts is full choke, then after 5 sec go half choke, then no choke and revv it a little then it will idle fine.

Anyway i know that ALL...well almost all 4 strokes smoke or put out a little black cloud right when you first get it running.

WEll my bike got it started and revved it and a BIG whit cloud came out, did it again and another white cloud. :cry:...let it idle for about 10 sec revved it again and just a little black cloud. Now mind you it only does this on startup after it runs for about 20 sec or more it wont smoke at all, and only smokes if you revv it, if you start it up and let it idle till warm and revv it no smoke at this normal? it never put out a white cloud before? :cry:

also i usually ALWAYS let my bike warmup for about 3 min...roughly 3 min, until the cylinder is warm-hot then i go on my way.

So today i has it, just touched the throttle so it was at about 1/8 throttle, it would revv, then sputter. When it sputtered it made a "CLICK", so i would let off then go to 1/8th throttle and about 2 sec later "click" i could hold it still like it wouldnt die but it lost almost all throttle response there until a sec later.

idk im thinking its time to change the plug possibly :cry:

and maybe i do have something in my carb. I cleaned my filter, then did the power-up mod, and removed the intake baffle. The last time i checked my filter (2 rides ago) it was COVERED in dust and rail road sut, and that was after about 4 hrs riding time total :lol:.

So i rigged up a pair of the mothers stocking on top as a prefilter. :cry:

I think it's moisture in the pipe...

After I washed my bike one time, I started it up and was puffin out white smoke. Went away once it warmed up...

The general rule of thumb for smoke is as follows:

White smoke = moisture (burning water if water cooled)

Black smoke = carb need adjusted (too rich)

Blue smoke = burning oil (rings, valves, or maybe just a 2-stroke)

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