just picked up 03' husaberg fs 650

I'm totally stoked about my new toy. Just picked it up today, bummed though because it snowed 8 inches up here in Canada. I have a question though did the 03'come with a dual ignition curve. And could you let be know of any problem areas to keep an eye on. Any help would be much :cry: appreciated :cry::cry:

Yes, they had a dual ignition curve. The 2004 and 2005 models changed to a Kukosen igniton and don't have the hi-lo switch.

The 2003 engines have a much improved oiling system for better engine reliability and durability. For sustained high engine rpm operation, we run 1.25 liter of oil instead of the 1 liter as speced in the manual. The extra oil helps keep things cooler and the added oil doesn't hurt the engine performance.

Be sure to follow the 3 hour recommended first oil change and valve adjustment. Then it's every 10 hours after that. You should have received a liter of oil and filter for that first oil change. Then go to Scott's Perfomance and get the reusable stainless steel filter.

You should go to


join that forum and you will get all the info and help you need for maintaining and enjoying your new Husaberg.


The great white north. Yes the snow has fallen. I am assuming you are in AB. Check out the UHE site as Brianc recommends, best place for info.

Nothing you should know besides regular oil changes with a good oil like motorex or Amsoil 20/50. Adj the valves every ten hrs until you get a feel for their movement.

I have rode 501's since 01 and you will have hrs of riding bliss. I rode a FE550 in Poland at ISDE and it was a gem.

best of luck


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