Ride report - Sat 10/16 at Georgetown with Zekedawg and friends

No pics till monday as my computer CD drive seems to be caput. Met up with Zekedawg from Chico at Mace mills Sat morning about 8 am. all two familys and his buddys Mark & wife and Jeremy and piles of kids. They came in Friday night and had all ready rode loop 3, so the four guys took of to the east side rode 3-1 over to the 8s, 4-4, 5-2, 5-1 and back to 4-2 and 4-3, 4-5, etc...then back to Mace mills.

yes this was the LAST dusty day at GT. After some snacks we took the wives over the bridge trail 1 to loop 2 at darling ridge. we rode all of Loop 2 and everybody really liked that. we have a great time. I left them sitting around their motor home camp site about 2 pm and it was still sunny 70s with some wind stirring up. they were looking forward to the rain tomorrow.....but as I left I was thinking if they wake up and its pouring, with those kids all couped up..I wonder if they won't just pack it up and head for the home corral.

we should hear from em by monday. I had a great time ...Thanks Casey and all.

Bob, do you know if anyone is riding up there tomorrow?

Zekedawg and his whole gang are spending the night at Mace Mills.. they have a couple of trailer motor homes park down from (west ) about 30 yeard from the toilet. look for a red trcuk. they would like to ride with another GT trail boss I'm sure. Get there early and wake me up.. :cry:

I'm going to elkins

sounds good thanks for the tip Bob, have fun tomorrow out there at Elkins, say hi to Oldedude for me.

Thanks again for the great ride! :cry: :cry: :cry: Love the trail you took us on we really had a great ride. Casey(Zekedawg) got some good pictures of all of us coming up that one little hill, I am sure he will post them soon.

It is great meeting you, we will have to head up to that area again and take another ride and maybe you can show us some other area's. Thanks again. :cry:

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