Trampas Parker

I was watching the S2 (450) world championship the other day and i noticed Parker was racing on a 450 Honda. He got 2nd to Fred Bolley on the Aprillia, and looked really fast. How long has he been racing supermoto does anyone know? He was hauling through the dirt sections. I hadn't seen him linked to supermoto before but obviously i know he's a ex gp motocross rider.

kick ass good to hear his name again especially associated with SM.

i remember trampas, chad as he was known then, way back in the 80's in louisiana. super nice guy as fast fast fast.

then seveal years later he showed up at a texas race and let me borrow some funky bars, they were like renthals but the cross bar had been replace with a damper, like what would close a screen door.

His bike:

A fuel injected CRF with anti-slip and traction control :cry:

Well i didn't know that!!! I thought it looked dam fast!

fuel injection wise though this the only sm to have fuel injection?

Looks like he didn't make the top 6 in the Belgian round in any race though this weekend. :cry:

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