bed liner covered gas tank

my buddy has a 250r and a while back he cracked his gas tank. instead of buying a new tank he went and had it line-x'd. i have never seen that done on any other bike or quad. well, i now have black plastics and will be painting my frame next weekend and i am thinking about doing that to my tank as well. it only cost him $35, which is a lot cheaper than a new black tank. what do all of you think of this?

Instead of putting grip tape on the frame, have them spray the part where your boot rubs... I dunno if you said that already though, sounds like you did...

I dunno, I think doing the tank is going too far, but that's just me.

I don't know that it will give you any problems using line-x on your tank, but isn't that stuff awfully heavy?

sounds like a half baked idea to me

Sounds like a good way to fix the tank. Good on you guys for coming up with a less expensive alternative. It sure would make the tank more durable. :cry: :cry:

Does the tank really need to be that durable? It's pretty durable as is...

Your tanks not cracked or anything. If it were up to me, I'd just do the section of the frame where your boots rub. You can probably even go to Kragen and get that roll-on bedliner kit...

My guess is the tank is going to leak after a few crashes.

Have they done this before?

I like to spray Rhino Lining in my undies. Protects them when I get really scared. :cry: :cry:

well, if you weren't so scared of anything and everything you wouldn't need those bed-liner briefs or your baby-binkie anymore. :cry:

Actually, which is better? Rhino-lined diapers or Line-x pull-ups. :cry:

Which cost the most???

Rhino or Line-X :cry:

What the heck are you worried about the frame for. You should be ridding it enough wear it won't ever rust. Your just polishing it with your boots.

The bed liner will eventualy wear down and it will be harder on your boots. :cry:

They make frame gaurds for just about everything.....

or rino lined condoms? for her pleasure.

My guess is the tank is going to leak after a few crashes.

Have they done this before?

I'll bet that it will too.

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