Plain street tires for the DRZ?

Want to put on a set of plain street tires for a bit. Any suggestions? Looking at the various web sites doesn't show any real obvious suggestions. Is a 3.00 the same as 80/100?

On the front, I've been running a Dunlop 604d for about 13,000 miles, it's been superceded by the 607d. So keep that in mind not sure of the difference, but probably about the same.

It's excellent over the Bridgetone trailwing on the road, When you begin a lean it wants to tighten it compared to the trailwing , and holds very good. Braking is very good. It's a 20,000 mile tire

Dunlop trail max rear, will squeek out 6,000 miles, slightly wider than the original trail wing.

In the past , I've considered a full street rear, but haven't attempted. A Dunlop GT 501 might be a option, if you have to have a full street tread, the Dunlop Trail Max I've been please with it's road performance and still lets me venture offroad, I'd rate it slightly better than the trailwing in performance and longevity

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