Anyone running that "Cool Kit". Its a inline 25 fin mini radiator thing that runs from the head to the radiator.. Its supposed to help on cooling.. With the new 262 kit,, its running hotter.. Just looks like it might help???

I guess some of the Factory Teams use this thing... :cry:

spend the money on engine ice and a high pressure radiator cap.

The ccol kit is not going to remove that much heat. In fact it will remove on a miniscule fraction of what the radiators do.

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I am running engine ice now and just put on a new cap,,,, I guess I am set then..... Thanks..

The 262's definitely make more heat due to the higher compression. You can also try running a cr9 plug rather than the cr8. Ours seem to run a bit cooler with them.

just remember to keep it moving. :cry:

Whats the part # or what bike has a higher pressure rad cap?

You can find them on ebay just look under 250f stuff and look for the one that says 24 psi.

Forget the "Cool Kit" and consider a Boyesen water pump cover & impeller with Engine Ice. Boyesen's products do what he's says they will do. They're more money than the "Cool Kit", but the results will be a lot better. The only people I see with "Cool Kits" are quad riders :cry:

The only people I see with "Cool Kits" are quad riders :cry:

cause they're cool :cry:

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