magura clutch

Well I mounted the Magura clutch that i had on my CRF on my XR650R and it fits even better than it did on the 450. I must have routed the tube wrong because the plastic hydro tube touched my header and was cut like butter. No clutch.

Tube was no where to be found. But I did find steel braided line at a bike shop. Its the same stuff that they use on mountain bikes with hydro brakes. So got a couple of the fittings. The compression for the top and the barbed for the bottom. Bottom fit like a champ but the top didn't. Broke out my calipers and found the 2 tubes only different by .004. So I found the right size drill bit (3/16) and put it in my drill press and fitted the original master cylinder fitting in my little vise and bored it out. Fits like a glove and everything went together smoothly and works as good as before and looks even tricker. It should even last longer. The steel braided line was $4 a foot.


How universal are those things? There are a handful on Ebay off of other bikes but some CRF450 and CRF250 and some others that look like a similar slave cylinder? and they are at tops 170 vs's 240? Maybe more trouble than its worth? Just looking around...


Mine was from my CRF450. A CRF maguura clutch fits and works fine. :cry:

update, CRF clutch does not just bolt on.

Uh Oh? Something happen or not happen?


clutch slips horribly with the CRF slave cylinder. Need longer pull rod or shorter mount. Also need a collet on the lower end. It will work, just not a bolt on.

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