kachina row call

Who's in

Post deleted by timvv51

Tim I take your not in then :cry:

This Tim is not in either.

I'll be in South Dakota tracking down some pheasants.

Have a good time!

Correct, I'm not in. Guess I am gettin to be a big wus. I'd rather go 75 miles west of the site and ride the Jemez for free. Thanks for not flamin me for my rant. Tim

No worries, Its not may favorite race either but points are points :cry:

"I know some of the organizers and they put the money in their pockets and bought beer."

Nice talk Tim, I am sure you can back that up right?

SMD sounds like your in? :cry:

nah I'll be too busy runnin for beer with full pockets... :cry:


I'm in. Historically, not one of my best either, but like Dave said, points is points and sand is sand.

Don't hold back Timvv, tell us how you really feel! :cry: I guess my selective memory recalls Kachina and Boothill differently. While the short course at Kachina was a bit redundant, the long course-specifically the A course- was outstanding, lotsa people raving about that. At Boothill, one section was done 3 times by the As! I think the entry fee of 45 early/50 late is very reasonable, I've seen mostly 50 early/60-70 late entry fees at other races. From the TCSEC website, the promoter has been working all summer on the trails at Kachina. I'm not even touching the pocketing the money issue.

Shoooo I thought I was the only guy going, see ya there Gary, are you bringing the kid, he's been whipping it up just like the old man :cry:

Curtis and I decided a while back 2 rivers would be his last race this year, although he's since changed his mind. I'm runnin real low on race funds this year, next year I'll cut back on my races and increase his. Also, he's right on the verge of being pushed to the B class, I don't feel he has enough experience to be in B, probably just overprotective parent speaking. Sorry bout making a short answer so long...

Just saw the race info has been posted for Kachina, much to your disappointment Dave, doesn't look like there's an A/B split. :cry:

I'll be there

I heard ya, been having a couple issue with those a/b split. Rex good to hear your in, see ya there

Dave we will be in Dan's motorhome, white with the small blue enclosed trailer. If your camping park next to us, if not we will watch your stuff. See you there.

Endozen, your not going? So I can forget bringing your trophy?? (on purpose this time)

I will be there 'Dog! Should be a great race if it lives up to the talk on the TSCEC website! :cry: Tell Dan he's only allowed one small stogie before the race.

Good luck to everyone! I'll be thinkin' about ya!

Merf (who's looking WAY ahead to Renegade)

Its raining down here this morning boys,just a little watering of the course. Forecast calls for clearing out tonight and in the high 60's on Sunday.

Should be primo!! :cry:

make sure that beer money not getting wet :cry:

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