First Ride

OMG!!!,,,,i wanted to twist it so bad!!!,,but i broke it in right,got the first 15 miles on it,,,its so damn light!! so skinny!! I think i'll need stock in dunlop!!twist the throttle half way on single track and shift all the way to 4th,,,,can u say hyperspace!!what a machine!! :cry:

You got that right buddy. I still get the ear to ear grin every time I snap the throttle open. I hear about all these guys doing mods for more power, when I can't use all the power my 03 has. Sure, I removed the back fire screen, put on a pipe, and tweaked the jetting. I just wish that back tires were NOT disposable. One of these days, I will learn how to go fast on it. :cry:

I agree - its a monster beast! The power is unbelievable! :cry: I've got to learn to keep a wheel through all gears now! I didn't expect the maintenance commitment... but hey its worth it. Watch the radiators though - they're made of aluminum colored wax paper! :cry:

yep I've had mine since sept 28th if you don't say a couple of 100 ft ahead of it it might bite you ,with 4 rides two on hard pack my rear tire is toast,I noticed also the last 1/8th throtle is overdrive,grap a hand full and hang on or loop out the choice is yours.

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