1977 vs 2004 (jumping a 27 year gap!)

I just got an XR400 after TOO MANY years with no motorcycle. Well I couldn't sleep a few nights ago, so I got up and created a collage of photos from 1977 (when I was an expert* class motocross racer) and 2004 (when I'm an old fart who still loves to ride) just for fun.

1977 vs 2004 (jumping a 27 year gap!)

* An ignorant question from someone who's been out of the sport for so long; Do they still call the classes Novice, Amature and Expert? It seems like I've seen the middle class referred to as "Intermediate" and the best local class called "pro" in some magazines. Is that right? In the old days local "Experts" competed for money, but "Pro" was reserved for guys like Marty Smith who traveled the country and competed for national championships. I have lots of other "ignorant" questions, but I'll save them for another post!

Does anyone else have "then vs now" photos they could share? Who has jumped the the biggest "gap"???

Lol, nice pics. yea they still do class races.


nice air :cry: then and now.

That's awsome, and good air for that tank. Once I went a month without riding, it was terrible :cry:

good air for that tank.

which tank? :cry:

How come your poppin a bigger wheelie and getting bigger air in the newer pictures? :cry:

What progress bikes have made. A new "trail bike" has tons better suspension and lands from jumps much softer than a "full blown" MX bike way back in 1977! You should have seen the suspension on my first CR125! My back still aches just thinking about it. You young motocrossers have it so plush now....of course you also jump about 5 times higher than we did back then!

great pics man. Bikes are leaps and bounds from year to year. Hop on a bike from the 90s vs a current model and you wont believe the difference as well. My drz has way better suspension then my 86 rm250 had. what made you go XR? you didnt want a wr450?:cry:

Actually, I would think you are closer to going from 1977 to somewhere around 1987...the XR motors and chasis haven't changed in a looooong time...hop on a YZF or CRF (or equivalent) and you'll REALLY see a difference!

Awesome pictures. :cry:

thats pretty cool. I like it. :cry:

Here is a 30 year difference. '74 to July of 2004. In my avitar there is a 25 year gap with the same Alpinestar boots!! :cry:



i have a thing for old school MX, i think its cool how old guys like u used to jump those things! Heck, mx bikes from 10 yrs ago are archaic. its hard to say who had it harder, bikes from the 70s to mid 80s had pretty awful suspension compared to today, but the jumps and tracks were less technical. Can you imagine clearing 80 ft on a Hodaka? Today kids on KX65's are doing jumps like that! Im sure a braking bump section on any local mx track would be multplied times 10 with those bikes.. :cry: MX is MX!

Great pics! This brings up a point that I've been thinking about for a few months now: whatever happened to trying to beat someone with your own ability? My first dirt bike was an early '70's SL70 followed by an SL125. I started riding at about 7 years old and remember the older (15 year olds) guys talking about "handling". That got me thinking," Does my bike handle good?" In the end, I didn't give it much thought, since I was winning, it probably was and if not, oh well. Today bikes are better than any "works" bike a drooling 70's rider could have imagined, yet people are bolting on spendy chunks of billet aluminum and titanium to help their bikes poor handling! On the CRF450 forum, there were people wondering if they should buy triple clamps with different offsets before they even took delivery of their '05 450's! Am I the only one who thinks some of these riders are insane?

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