What a ride...!

After being closed for a couple of months or so, our Forest finally opened up this weekend, and we all had to ride... I hadn't done anything to the BRP while it was resting, but she was ready. So we hit the trail. The conditions were near perfect, it had rained all week prior. The bike was on rails and very little dust from my leader for the day, Chris. Chris knows these trails better than anybody. We rode seventy miles total, with sixty of them being super single track. On one particular uphill that has an alternate easy trail, I opted for the straight up the center, hold on tight and go for it option. The first attempt was in second gear, too fast, no control. Chris watched from half way up on the easy trail. So we tries it again in first gear, yee ha... The bike heaved and hoed and bucked like a bull, but we made it to the top. An especially rewarding climb this morning, I yee ha'd as I rode past Chris. You know, you would think after 25 years of doing the same thing, that it would get old. But the sensations felt throughout a ride in the forest, with all the different gymnastic moves, slides, wheelies and near falls are still what makes me say.

Ride on....... :):D:D:D:D ]

XR 650 R XR 350 KX500

I know exactly how ya feel...my first ride on my 650R after a 7 year dirt bike hiatus, and I had a grin on my face I couldn't get rid of...and now I reflect back and wonder why in the hell didn't I buy this bike years ago... :)

I guess there's just certain things in life that a person, just never, ever gets tired of...I swore to myself that I wont' ever stop again...

OK, I 3rd it! I've come out of a 20 year hibernation. (Actually my old racing partner eased me back into it over the last 2 years when he bought the CR500R that I now own, but this year I'm firing on all cylinders (cylinder?) Got a new Carnitas Rojo Grande (BRP) and scoots for the kidz too. As they say, a family that rides together stays together...too bad, my ex didn't like bikes, Bye Bye Now! Anyway, I digress...Just got back from Ocotillo Wells with my son. The biggest buzz was when he told me that it was his best day of riding ever! Hey Son...we're just getting started! All I know is that evey ride I go on is awsome and I'm just glad to be here! Keep the shiny side up & the dirty side down!

Rokatt- how was the weather in Ocotillo Wells? It had to be around 110 degrees. At least you had the place to yourself. Drink lots of water! I'll see you there in late October when it cools down a little! Ride on.

Lookatdirt, Dude! The hot hot tip is to do an early morning straiff run. We were on the gas by 6:30 AM and out of there by 12 PM. Was about 100 when we left. Usually can get 90 to 100 miles in by that time. Only got 62 as one of the Dad's crashed and burned! He's OK now; He needs to get a BRP!

Rokatt- You the man. You are HARDCORE! Is there anybody else out there, besides your group? Ride on, my brother and know that whast you ride. Viva BRP's!

Now hey there boyz. Everybody knows that ridin in the desert at 50 and 60 MPH clocks in the miles pretty fast. But try ridin in the twisty single track woods for seventy miles at an average speed of say, twenty MPH and see what we see here on the other side of the mountain. Actually, the BRP is a bit bullish for these trails, but I look at it as though I get a better workout than the guys on the 400's...! Let me know when you're coming, and I'll send you directions. It's only a five hour drive or so from Ontario, and well worth the trip!

Motorcycle Ken

Prescott AZ

Must say I'm with you guys all the way. Sold the CR500 in 92 when I got married and concentrated on the career. Turnin 40 this fall and it's time to get bugs in my teeth again. Before my CR I had a 600R. I missed that bike the most. Got my wife a TTR and my kid a 50 to start learnin on...he's only 4. Would love to do some fast desert riding but must settle for the fast fire trails and tight twisty's in Northern Michigan. At least it's not a hundred degree's.



Hi Ken...You are correct, sir! When you have the Uber Pig in it's element, you rack up miles before you know it! I echo your comments in the tight and twisties too. The Pig does OK there too and it's fun to see just what you can do. I will definitely look you up if/when I can ever get out your way. Light a candle and bow to the North for the Big Red Pig!

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