Help! Gas leak

This is probably a stupid question with an easy fix but here's my problem. I've had a '99 XR400 I bought used about 6 months ago. The thing runs great, I've had no problems with it. I sold it to my brother today and am going to go bike shopping. Anyway, we go out to start it up and I turn on the gas and I have gas leaking out of a tube at the bottom of the bike :cry:. The tube goes into the bottom of the carb and it is like the gas is just running right through it :cry:. I've done oil changes and simple stuff but that's about it. Can somebody tell me what's going on and is this an easy fix? Thanks in advance for any help on this!

If the gas leaked, then stopped, don't worry about it. This is a breather tube and if you twisted the throttle when not running, gas may have gotten to the carb and is just getting out. If it will not stop, check your drain screw to make sure it is not open, then you will have to tear into the carb to make sure the float is not stuck.

Thanks for the info Jeph :cry:...turned out to be a stuck float. The gas was just coming out non-stop. Problem is now solved.

Mine did that once... scared the snot out of me, because I was going riding the next morning. I managed to remove the carb, open it up, pull the needle, clean the whole sucker, reinstall with the float upside down, kick kick kick &%$#@!, remove carb, remove float, reinstall correctly, reinstall carb, and kick fire WHOOHOO!.

Yeah, that was fun. Took less than an hour.

vegasken: No problem, glad to help out another TTer

MAR: another post of your is a :cry: gr8 stuff

Rannoch: :cry: funny story

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