engine mods wr 450's

anyone tried a big bore kit on there 450'S. i found a 470 kit and a 490 for yz and was wondering if anyone did it the there wr. also there was different stages you can do and im not sure just how radical i want to go. any suggestions would be cool.

You don’t need to raise the compression and bore the cylinder to make that WR rip! Take a look at my post or better yet… Ride my WR!

Mike Hobbs


The question I have is the AIS/ Cal green sticker legal stuff, does this cut back on power, does it affect getting an aftermarket pipe. Does it need to be taken off, if so will it affect the motor. Would you get an 04 or 05, didnt the 05 get the new fork? Which would you buy. I dont want California garabage on my bike a Q pipe and Pbomb is enough.

Which would you buy??????????????


TeamOatmealPie R.

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