Using Back Brake Too Much?

Today started working on my cornering and was intentionally trying to stay on the gas through the corner and control speed with front and back brakes while still on the gas (somewhat). Seems like I'm a LOT faster through the corner this way but my rear rotor got hot to the touch and stayed that way for a good while after it was parked. Also, the rotor was noticably blacker than it's been in the past.

Just curious how I would know if I was overdoing it on the rear brake and if y'all can offer some suggestions on how to maybe not overlap the braking and accelerating quite as much. I'm thinking this will naturally get better with time but I was real happy with my progress today so don't want to stop where I am.

(I'm gonna cross post this over at the general forum since I guess it's only sorta related to technique)


wave rotors cool faster and brake more effeciently.

Got one :cry:...

That's the scarey part.

well you're screwed then. :cry:

As long as the brake doesnt fade it dont matter how hot it gets. But you may want to consider synthetic brake fluid as it has a higher boiling point. And synthetic bearing grease for the same reason.

If the rotor isn't glowing red and the brake pads don't catch on fire, then it's probably ok. Depends on the track. If the brake pads and caliper are smoking, you're probably riding the brake too much. Brakes get hot, way way too hot to touch for sure. It's normal.


Guess I'll look into some synthetic brake fluid & Bearing grease too. Man, my bikes gonna turn into synthetic before long :cry:

Justarider YZ,

Thanks. I feel better about it now with your posts. Guess I'll just have to make sure someone watches and tells me if things are smoking. I know for sure I never got them to glowing red.

I guess they didn't fade cause they were still working. Right?

Thanks Guys!


I drag my rear brake a lot, probably more than I should, but it is a great way to keep your front end from washing out. I just change brake fluid frequently.

Yeah, that's what I'm finding out. AND it keeps your front end from compressing in the corner (which in affect accomplishes the same thing... not washing out).

hmmm I never equated the front end washouts from compression. I always associated ii to the forks rebounding too quickly of the forks having too much compression damping so they wouldnt compress enough.

you sure you dont have the forks wacked out on the clickers?

Well, I may not have it terminology quite right... may not have anything right BUT this is how I'm understanding it.

If I'm coming OUT of the corner and I'm still on my front end while I'm "rounding" the corner, then I'm weighting my front end (if my forks are still compressed) and on my so my front is kinda hanging in limbo while I'm getting more agressively forward and thus the washout.

I'm looking at it kinda like when you have your forks too high in your triple clamps and the front tends to want to knife under. Guess that's what I'm really compensating for by being on the back brake somewhat while entering and beginning to leave the corner.

I know what you mean about rebounding too fast and using up all your "pressure" on the front tire.

I also understand the theory behind having that pressure on the front tire when in the corner.

And yes, I do have my compression in the forks (and rebound) whacked out.... very very stiff and very very fast and for some reason I feel MUCH more confident in the corners (and everywhere else for that matter) now. I don't really have an answer why other than I don't like dive in my forks (apparently).... kinda like I always want to be "on" my back tire or something.

I posted a thread a few weeks back on it in the suspension forum but got no takers (titled something like "does this make any sense") I'd be curious as to your thoughts on this.


Been thinking about this some more....

Check out my new thread over at the suspension forum.

"Bias towards rear"

if your read end slides out from you you have used the back brake to much

I'll check the other thread, but from what you put in that reply, says it all.

It's too stiff in the front and it rebounds too quickly (here it's a bad thing :cry: ). The forks need to be compressed all the way through the corner and rebound as you gas it.

You gonna have to get that fatass up on the tank and make that bike whimper man. :cry:

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