Adding a White Bros. much richer should I jet?

Just a quick question for you jetting guru's. I've already uncorked my 650R, 175 main, 68 pilot, and the 49 state needle and intake. I have a UniFilter, and the stock exhaust with the HRC insert. I ordered a White Bros E-series S-bend, so how much richer should I go? Any ideas. I'm at about sea level here in Turkey...

You really should not need any further jetting changes there Billy. It's already richened up enough. So where do you ride and where in Gods earth do you live...? I run the E-series muff with the usual mods. I did however lower my float two milimeters and I ride at 5000 feet FYI.

Hi Billy, I noticed that you have the Clarke 4.3 tank and that you are waiting for a new one. I just purchased one for my BRP. Was there a problem with your 1st Clarke tank? Anything we should look out for? What's Turkey dirt like to ride on? Thanks!

Billy - Why did you decide on the White Bros. E Bend?

Rockatt - I think Billy wanted to exchange his white tank for a red one! :)

Thanks guys for the input...

I actually sent my original tank back to Clarke because after it sat in the sun one day, the right side became soft and would bulge out. Clarke sent it back claiming "all of their tanks are like that". So, actually I didn't get a new one, just my old one back. So, we'll see how it goes, and you all will be the first to know if something goes wrong...along with Clarke MFG..hahaha. I really wasn't very happy with their decision, as I felt there was a liability issue, in the event that the tank ruptured and caught fire. Hopefully that won't happen. If so, my soon to be very rich wife and kids can bury my charred remains with my BRP, and go find themselves a good lawyer...hahaha.

My bike won't be here for another month, so I really haven't had the chance to check out the area. From what I've been told, there are lots of mountain trails, made by the farmers to check out...that's why I needed the clarke..haha. The elevations go from sea level to over 6000 feet. Mt Atarat (supposedly where Noah's Ark is) is hundred miles away, and I really want to go check that out. They do have motorcycle tours here, but they are primarily just dirt roads. I think racking up a couple hundred miles on a dirt road might become mind-numbing after the first couple of days or so...but who knows I might check one out before I leave here.

I chose the WB E-series, after looking long and hard at all of the different options, and viewing a lot of different posts. From what I found, the E-series was the only pipe adds power from bottom, all the way to top. Most other exhausts are a trade off...they produce a lot of peak horsepower, at the expense of bottom end torque. The only downside of the E-series, is the noise. I'll be trying out a quiet core for it, just to keep my neighbors at bay. I have to leave to go to work at 5:30 am, so I don't need to be thundering my way down the street...haha.

I gotta tell ya, I'm stoked about riding over here. I just need to find a like-minded individual over here to ride with. Due to the current state of affairs, it's really not safe being an american, and venturing out alone. I'll keep ya'll posted on how it goes.

Thanks again for the input!

Hey Billy, Thanks for the "Heads Up" about the Clarke Tank. I'm still trying to draw a bead on them too. When I ordered my tank, I was never asked if I had a California Pig. As my 2 other BRP riding Bro-Hams have the IMS tank (3.2 or 3.4 depending on which catalog you look at or who you talk to) having the smog crap was not an issue. When I went to put my tank on, I discovered that the Clarke Tank won't fit unless the smog doo is removed. Now, I was thinking of removing it anyway, but I thought that it should have been brought up by them. I e-mailed them about that and I have yet to hear back (they were Johnny on the Spot when I was inquiring about the tank initially via e-mail). As for the the tank, the fit and finish seem fine. The design gives me more range with basically the same dimensions in the cock pit as the smaller IMS tank. I will keep an eye on it just in case that, after it sits in the sun, it starts to sprout an Evil Head or something! Keep us informed on your ride to Noah's Arc! Can you mount a .50 caliber on your triple clamp? Take care over there!

Rokatt- I went through the same dilemma with my smog stuff as you did. I even went as far as to take digital pics of my CA model and sent to them. They were sure appreciative, stating that they were going to modify their mold by my pics. Go figure...and they still wouldnt' exchange my tank. I asked them the same thing about why wasn't there a footnote when ordering to mention something about needing to smog block the CA models. The reply I got, was that they are based out of Oregon, and dont' have access to a CA model...

I considered the IMS, but I've read some posts that the fit isn't all that great. How did your buddy's fit?

Good idea on the .50 cal...I might wanna invest in a good flak jacket also...haha. Or maybe that's just a good excuse to ride realllly fast.... :)

My IMS 3.4 fit perfect, and have ridin with it for a year now. No problems. I even have a 35% off coupon for IMS products if you buy them through IMS themselves. Not a retailer... That's why I still have it! Didn't know that at the time...! Dangit. Any takers? Make me a deal!

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