Tera Flex & Gearing?

Do any of you, that run the Tera Flex rear tire, currently have a 14/49 gear set up, and, Spec.# of links?

I just keep the 14 on the front all the time now, and change between the 44, and the 47 rear.

Put on a 49 rear a couple of weeks ago, for a trip to Chadwick, Mo. The chain adjuster is on it's lowest notch.

Now after installing a new Kenda 760 Trackmaster II, today,(#5, I like that tire!) I have noticed that there is not much room anyhwere, back there, for a much larger tire! :cry:

I was thinking about trying the Tera Flex rear, next time?

Now I hear that it is HUGE :cry:. So I wonder. Will the Tera Flex clear the front of the swing arm, and the Splash Guard, with the adjusters Maxed(Minin'd) out?? :cry:

I am running 14/47 and I have a new chain and it is right at #2 on the adjuster. There is clearance in the front, but I don't know if it is set at "0" what the clearance would be. Others have run this tire, so hopefully they can give you a better answer.

I have the terra and 14-49 but I also got a chain when I put the sprockets on, when it stops raining I will count the links and let you know. My adj. is at 4 so pretty much in the middle!

I am running 13/49 with stock chain and TeraFlex. It is pretty close to the front but the tire clears with no rubbing. I can even push the bike backwards without catching the mudflap... Andrew

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