High Gear - Monroe, WA - Cool Guys

I went to High Gear in Monroe on Friday evening and met Brian and Fred. Both are really cool guys who know their stuff. Fred is the jetting guy to go to for you KTM owners. They have a nice operation and competetive prices.

I'll second that. And their mechanic John is a great guy. He totally hooked me up this summer, did an emergency bolt-ectomy on my 520 when the oil drain bolt head got stripped - on the afternoon I had a buyer coming to see it.

He extracted it and wouldn't charge me for it or accept any money! Great guys! :cry:

those highgear guys are cool. I go in there way too much, and even as much as I go in there with all those new shiny ktms I'm still have the following reaction :cry: :cry: :cry:

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