engine mods?

might be doing a top and bottom end rebuild soon on my 99 yz400f. when its apart i plan on doin some mods. what are some of the best mods out there for power and price. i'd want to keep running pump gas.

Shane if you are doing your own work, and have the ability, buy a set of Falicon adjustable cam sprokets, and set your LC's to 105. If you are using a 450 type auto cam you'll only use the Falicon stuff on the intake. Engine wise, after jetting and carb work cam timing is an easy cheap gain.

I would recommend if replacing a crank to update to an 01 crank and gear to eliminate the key issues on the CB gear.


Sorry about the crank comment, I hadn't yet read your other post, but it is the truth.

got a link to falcon pmk?

cool thanks. I wonder if the adapter will press onto a hotcams intake cam.

The Hot Cams for the YZ250F, and YZ400/426, already have adjustable intake sprockets. :cry:

But not for the 450's, as best I can tell in the online catalog. If you do I would definitely appreciate the info on it.

I already have both the exhaust and intake cams on both 04yz250f's. They are a huge improvement over the stock cams. :cry:

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