Stumped... Help on Jetting a CCC Mod CA 250X

So a couple months ago, or maybe around May, I performed all of the CCC mods, except for the R's cam. Recently I bought a Dr.D ehaust system, but that didn't recommend any jetting changes, so I left my jetting alone. However, after I performed these mods, my bike has always had a horrible bog as soon as I cranked the throttle from low RPMs... Here's how everything, after some tinkering (but to no avail), is set up:

40 Pilot

150 Main

Needle - 5th position from top (1 LOWER than recommended)

55 leak jet

Pilot Screw about 1 1/2 turns out

Air Filter Backfire Screen IN (stock airfilter)

Air Filter box cut to Honda's specifications (on the line)

I ride usually in 60-75 degree weather

at approx. 2000-2500 ft

I took out the carb when I did all these mods, and I also removed the smog pump (CA model). The bike runs great other than that horrible bog... Any ideas? I'm truly stumped, especially after tinkering for 3 months but having nothing change for the better. :cry::cry:

I also live in So Cal and have the X. IMO you need to go to a 42 or 45 pilot and the clip in second grove up from the bottom to raise the needle more (richer). Pilot screw 1 1/2 to 2 1/2. The MJ sounds right. The bog is just a lean spot as you raise the slide. Good luck.

thanks for the help!

I am in Norcal, but ride about same temps and altitude. I run a 45 pilot and a 152 main, needle on the 4the clip. Everything else is identical to yours.....

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