green or red (sticker)

What year race bikes are no longer issued green stickers. I am looking at getting a yz250f. Is it that anything 2003 and newer red sticker and 2002 and prior are green? will the years be like moved? like if it is 02 is last year, will 5 years from now be 02 green or will it be 07 green.if this doesnt make sense, and it doessnt to me really, just answer the first part. thanks in advance

Is it that anything 2003 and newer red sticker and 2002 and prior are green?


Motorcycles must be tested to see if the exhaust emmissions qualify them as a Green sticker bike. If the bike is not tested or is higher than the standard, it is a red sticker bike.

All motorcycles manufactured prior to 1997 were "grandfathered in" as a green sticker bike. However, the process was so full of errors, all motorcycles up to 2002 were also grandfathered in. This was a one time event to fix screw ups in the system. There are no plans to raise the "grandfathering" year again.

If you want a green sticker YZ250f, you need to find a 2002 or older.

hmm well thats dumb, so but isnt the 04 or 05 WR sposd to be green? i really want the YZ but... and so there isnt anything u can do to make like an 04 yzf emission legal? o well i guess september to june isnt too bad (arent those the months)

are the stickers you are referring the license?, if so here in Arizona they issue I RV license plate, a $25.00 fee, for life. :cry:

nah in california, new race bikes and 2 strokes are red sticker. this means u cant ride em in like OHV areas from like july to august. green stickers, like 4 stroke traile bikes, are legal all year

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